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“NiviCloud Company ” was established in 2014, NiviCloud is considered a pioneer in providing technologies and advanced technology services, providing all solutions for all types and levels of business. The founders of the company have a long experience in the field of information technology inside and outside Egypt with more than 20 years of experience.

We provide Call Center communication systems, branch linking for companies, restaurants, security systems, customer service management systems, web design, hosting and domain reservation services. We also promote and conduct marketing and advertising campaigns for companies, restaurants and legal persons. We have a long experience in organizing exhibitions and conferences and processing designs and publications.


Our basic services


Call Center Systems.

Customer Relationship Management Systems.

Accounts and warehouse management systems.

IPTV system for hospitality sectors.

website design.

Security cameras and security gates.

Create computer networks and infrastructure for companies and institutions.

Supplying all computers, peripherals, servers and power savers.

Vehicle tracking devices.

Our vision

Putting customer needs first, commitment to a safe workplace full of opportunities. Availability when customers need us. Follow-up on our obligations to customers, partners, and each other being responsible for our results.

Our goals

Production and development of web programs of all kinds and applications. Designing and implementing corporate and personal websites. Providing modern solutions for small and emerging companies for small costs. Creating a market for innovation, learning and fair competition.

Our mission

To be a leader in providing and selling innovative and useful products that benefit those around us and serve the community, and to spread technical awareness and ways to use it in the right ways to benefit from it.

Our Team

We always strive to produce modern and innovative solutions thanks to our team and even success partners.

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We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

We build and design our solutions to make the user interfaces easy and simple.


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